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Overview of the Program


The UC Merced Financial Management Certification Program (FMCP) is a comprehensive training program building on the financial, compliance, and administrative responsibilities introduced in the Business Officer Institute (BOI). The FMCP supports the professional development of business officers and promotes ethical management of financial resources throughout the campus. The FMCP is designed to enable business officers to manage their operations more effectively and efficiently, foster a highly ethical controls environment across campus, and ensure reliable financial information in compliance with laws, regulations, and University policy. FMCP modules emphasize ethical management, good business practices, and sound judgment by fostering quality risk assessment skills and the development and monitoring of effective internal controls.

At program completion, participants are expected to have:

  • A much deeper understanding of their administrative responsibilities and why they are important;
  • An increased knowledge base and more diverse skill set to tackle complex problems; and
  • An opportunity to develop relationships and improve collaboration and processes across University functions.

Eligibility and Nomination Process

Admission to the certification program requires a commitment to completing the full program. Because each module builds on concepts from previous modules, participants are expected to take the core modules in the order listed under the Module Schedule section below. Taking modules in sequence helps develop a network of peers sharing a common experience. In general, modules are only available in the context of acceptance into the certification program. 

New cohorts are expected to form once per calendar year through self-nomination during the annual open nomination period in January. If you are interested in applying to the program, you must complete a Self-Nomination Form with all applicable information during the open nomination period.

Nomination for admission into the program requires the following:

  • A brief description of current job duties;
  • Indication that your supervisor approves your self-nomination;
  • A description of your career goals and how you expet to benefit from the program.

Enrollment will generally be limited to 25-30 participants per cohort due to space constraints in the location where the training takes place. Depending upon the number of nominations we receive, a nominee's participation on the certification program may be determined by seniority and current job duties.

The nomination period for the 2017 cohort is closed. The FMCP will reopen for nominations in January 2018.








The FMCP consists of mandatory and elective modules of comprehensive instruction in major topical areas critical to successful financial management. All FMCP courses are taught by campus subject matter experts. To earn a certificate, participants will take and successfully complete 12 courses - eight required core modules and four electives. Core modules required for the certification program include:

  1. Ethics and Fraud in the Workplace
  2. The Control Environment and Control Activities
  3. Regulatory Requirements and Compliance
  4. Budget Framework and the Color of Money
  5. Accounting and Stewardship of Financial Resources
  6. Materiel Management
  7. Personnel Management and Payroll
  8. Enterprise Risk Management and Risk Assessment

The first and second modules are prerequisites to all other modules and will be offered as one full day of instruction. In addition to the eight core modules listed above, participants choose four electives from a wide variety of topics, including Risk & Insurance, Internal Audit, Ledger Review, Ethical Leadership, Academic Personnel, and Research Administration. Details regarding elective modules are distributed to FMCP participants after acceptance into the program and are posted to the Module Schedule section of this page.




Module Schedule


Modules are expected to be taken in sequence. The FMCP kicks off with a full day of instruction covering Modules 1 & 2. The remaining ten modules, six required and four elective, are offered in half-day sessions on Tuesday afternoons from 1:00 p.m. - 4:45 p.m.

The 2017 schedule is posted below, though the schedule is subject to change. All core modules are highlighted in yellow on the schedule and are required for all FMCP participants. All electives are highlighted in purple on the schedule and FMCP participants choose at least four electives from this list (though participants are encouraged to take as many electives as they want to).


Complimentary Risk Management Certification Program 


FMCP participants have the option of completing the Risk Management Certification Program (RMCP) while they pursue the FMCP certification. The RMCP is a comprehensive training program offered to participants of the Financial Management Certification Program (FMCP). The RMCP supports the professional development of business officers and teaches participants concepts related to minimizing and preventing loss as well as managing risk across campus departments. The program is built on risk concepts introduced in the Business Officer Institute (BOI) relation to fostering quality risk assessment skills. To earn an RMCP certificate, individuals must be accepted into the FMCP and take all five of the following courses as part of the FMCP curriculum:

  • Module 1: Ethics and Fraud in the Workplace 
  • Module 2: The Control Environment and Control Activities 
  • Module 8: Enterprise Risk Management and Risk Assessment (FMCP core module)
  • Elective: Risk Management & Insurance Section 1: Property and Vehicles, Be Smart About Safety, and Claims Reporting, Premiums, and Deductibles (FMCP elective)
  • Elective: Risk Management & Insurance Section 2: Managing Travel Risks, Liability Waivers, and Event Safety (FMCP elective)

At program completion, participants are expected to have a much deeper understanding of their role as a risk manager; how to identify and evaluate risk and perform a risk assessment; how to make decisions about accepting and mitigating risk; and how we embed assurance in our operations.


Frequently Asked Questions


As we receive questions about the FMCP, we will update this site with frequently asked questions. 

Questions about Nominations

Q: When will the FMCP open again for self-nominations?

  • A: The FMCP is expected to open for nominations for the 2018 cohort in January 2018. Look for announcements about the 2018 program in December.

Q: How will you obtain my supervisor's approval of my FMCP self-nomination?

  • A: We will contact your supervisor and obtain approval after we receive your nomination. However, it is important that you speak with your supervisor before you self-nominate to ensure you have approval in advance. 

Q: I will not be able to attend one of the core Modules. Should I still self-nominate?

  • A: If you will not be able to attend Modules 1 and 2, you should delay your nomination until next year. The first two modules are pre-requisites for all other classes and are required before continuing with the program. If you will need to miss classes other than Modules 1 or 2, you will have the chance to make up classes with next year's cohort. 

Q: I am still in my probationary program. Am I eligible to self-nominate?

  • A: Yes, employees still in their probationary periods are eligible to self-nominate. Keep in mind that if there are more nominees than available spots, factors such as length of service may be considered in determining members of the cohort. 

Q: I am not able to commit to the full program at this time. Can I still attend courses that interest me? 

  • A: Generally, no. We try to fill each course with FMCP participants who self-nominated and were accepted into the program. We usually do not have space for additional attendees. When we do have space in FMCP elective courses, we send and announcement to the MSO listserv and allow staff to attend as space is available. If you have a unique situation and would like to talk about your options, please contact Christine Tumonong

Questions about Participation in the FMCP

Q: I will not be able to attend one of the core Modules. How do I make up the class?

  • A: If you must miss a Module, please contact Christine Tumonong in advance if possible. You will be able to make up Modules 3-8 or missing electives with next year's cohort (Modules 1 & 2 are pre-requisites and must be completed before you continue with the program). Due to the highly interactive nature of FMCP courses, we do not offer online participation/makeup options. You will receive your certification in December of the year in which you complete the program.

Q: I completed an FMCP elective prior to being admitted to the FMCP. Will I receive credit for taking this elective?

  • A: Yes. If you completed a qualifying FMCP elective prior to being admitted to the FMCP, you will receive credit for the course. If you have any questions as to whether you received credit for a particular course, please check with Christine Tumonong.